Wednesday, February 3

blogs going down

Join us on Facebook, more fun and interaction.

Blogger is stopping FTP service posting, so this stagnant blog is going down.
Will keep the whole thing live so you can read what happened in the past, but updates in this forum/frmat aren't coming.

Wednesday, November 25

Closed 11/26, open 11/27.

We're closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, you can hit our website to shop/get away from cheek pinching aunts back Friday regular hours 11a-7p.

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Wednesday, September 23

New shipment of t-shirts arrived!

just in time for Northwestern's 1st week of classes.

instant access to Vintage Vinyl's shirt selection


Tuesday, July 14

Elvis For Dummies book signing!

On Saturday July 25th we are pleased to welcome renown Elvis author Susan Doll for a little talk and then booksigning for her latest: Elvis For dummies.
It's the same weekend as Evanston's annual sidewalk sale, so come into town for that, but be sure to stop at Vintage Vinyl between 12PM-2PM and get your knowledge of The King strengthened.
Vintage Vinyl
925 Davis Street
Evanston, IL 60201


Thursday, May 21

More Record Store Day 2009 footage

Thursday, April 30

Interview with your man, Steve

See where the magic happens. Meet the wizard.

Source blog with more print interview.


Wednesday, April 22

Record Store Day was a blast!

The Luck Of Eden Hall really made it an event.
The exclusives we had on hand went pretty quickly.
Some lucky people got to meet and interview Billy Corgan.

The store was packed. The trivia contest was hard.
Smiles a plenty.
Thanks for stopping in.